Sedentary lifestyle & sleep monitoring with Activ8

Activity recognition for sedentary lifestyle & sleep monitoring with Activ8 Professional Activ8 professional can also be used for sedentary lifestyle & sleep monitoring. When selecting instead of the pocket position the chest position classification is done in different posture and motion classes compared to the normal Activ8 posture & movement categories when used in the pocket (non-wear, sitting, standing, walking, cycling and running). Sedentary lifestyle & sleep monitoring classes When selecting the chest position for Activ8 professional all client movements are classified in one of the following categories: Non-wear Lying Side (Left & Right) Lying Back Lying Chest Sedentary behaviour (sitting / standing) – Low intensity High intensity (walking, cycling, running) This gives on a second by second basis detailed information about the body position of clients or patients. Next to the classification in one of the 6 categories the output contains also the movement intensity, which can be used in … Read More