Activ8 the engine behind the EMC movement game fighting obesity through gamification of e-health

Tessa Kouwenhoven, company doctor of Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, an organization with 13.000 employees has started a new e-health initiative to fight obesity amongst their employees. This presentation was given at the opening of the Centre for Healthy Weight in Rotterdam (starting at 9:10 in the YouTube video, in Dutch). In the movement game the Activ8 Physical Activity Tracker is used. Reasons for choosing Activ8 were it’s validated classification of movements (lying, sitting, standing, walking, cycling & running) in combination with its accuracy and price. Statistics show that about 10% of all employees in a typical organization are obese, in an organization like EMC Rotterdam this adds up to about 1300 people. The movement game attempts to make it fun to move more by merging self-obtained quantified data and gamification elements. It is especially important to keep people engaged over longer periods so that new, more active, behavior really … Read More

Key benefits Activ8 compared to conventional physical activity monitors

Over the last months Activ8 has piqued the interest of various weight consultants, dieticians, physiotherapists and life style coaches. Having a physical activity monitor that easily and accurately tracks the amount of calories their clients have spent helps them to give their clients the correct advices on changing their lifestyle. The first aspect of Activ8 that grabbed their attention was the capability to recognize the type of activities during the users normal daily routines. The Activ8 physical activity monitor detects the type of activity you have been doing and charts whether you were sitting, lying, standing, walking, cycling or running. Not only does this provide an accurate and very useful impression of their clients lifestyle and thus on potential improvements in their lifestyle, it also gives the users practical information about their daily activities that they can easily relate to. Since the user gets a clear and easily understandable overview … Read More

Overview of the most accurate activity monitor devices

Almost every day there appears a new activity monitor on the market, of which most are aimed at end users that are interested to obtain insight in their movement patterns. Often these people are already active and health conscious and have a strong need to share their results with peers. With these new activity monitors the design aspect is often presented as the most important features. Of course it’s good that an activity monitor looks good and is seen as hip and trendy, but personally I am of the belief that having an accurate activity monitor is of THE most important criterion to be of long-term value for both end users as care providers. Many of the consumer oriented activity monitors seem not to take accuracy too much into account, which was confirmed by our experiments we conducted ourselves. We compared the kcal results of a number of activity monitors … Read More