1. Connect your Activ8 to a computer

Connect your Activ8 tracker to your PC using the USB to micro USB adapter. A window will open.

2. Start the Activ8
sync tool

Open the Activ8 drive & start the sync tool by clicking ‘Activ8.exe’

3. Create your Activ8 account

Create a new account or login with your email address and password that you received via email.

4. Start wearing your Activ8 tracker

Put Activ8 in the pocket of your trousers. Upload your activities every couple of days by repeating the previous steps.


Activ8 will guide you step by step towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. Activ8 records all your activity levels and activity types during the whole day. The only thing you have to do is to wear the activity monitor as often as possible in your pocket. Your activity information is shown on your Activ8 Tracker and your personal Activ8 dashboard.

Check your activity & stay charged

You can see how you’re doing by turning the Activ8 tracker up and down. The device will show your progress towards your daily target. For the most accurate activity measurements, we recommend you wear your device as often as possible.

Avoid running low on power and memory by charging and synchronizing data with your computer every couple of days. If the red light is ­shining on your device, it means you need to do this soon!

Wearing your Activ8