Coach, Group & Challenges Widget

Coach widget

Online coaches can enable the coach widget to make coaching of clients easier. When this widget is enabled they are both shown on the client and coach dashboard.

Chat with clients

With the coach widget clients and coaches can send eachother chat messages. This can be used by the coach to reward them, ask about their progress of challenges in changing their lifestyle. Clients can also ask their coach for advice, support or help.

Schedule activity appointments with clients

As a coach you can schedule appointments for individual clients and automatically check if clients actually did what you both agreed. You can for example make an appointment with a client to go for a 15 minute walk during lunch. Activ8 helps to schedule such appointments, and inform you in case your client didn’t do it.

Group widget

With the group widget clients can see within their group scores of themselves and others and see how they are doing. When people know each other this can be fun to check everyday. Also results of the group as a total are shown. So that you can see what the group achieved together and compare against other groups.

Want to see how you are doing with respect to your group members? Want to see what the whole group achieved together? Your personal dashboard can instantly show you. And you can also share you results on Facebook or Twitter.


Your client’s can check you they rank compared to other group members. Compare based on the percentage of the target, calories burned per day or total minutes of movement.

Group Score

See what the complete group realized together. How many calories were burned, what was the total number of movement minutes, just fun statistics you can use to keep the group motivated.

Intragroup challenges widget

As a coach you can decide to start an intragroup challenge. Group members are competing with other group members to finish the challenge first. This has proven to be a fun way to get people more active. As a coach you can freely create goals based on distance (in km) or with time (in minutes) and set a fixed end date for the challenge. Goals can be based on minutes walking, running, cycling or movement or on distance for walking and running. Its your creativity to come up with fun goals: walk from Amsterdam to Rome in 3 weeks. Cycle at least 205 minutes in the coming week and so on.
Another proven way to stimulate users is by creating inter group challenges. Inform about the possibilities.