Coach Dashboard

The coach dashboard offers you full visibility on your client’s daily activities and all the tools to coach your clients. The coach dashboard is also the place to do client account management: create accounts, groups or assign assistant coaches. Assistant coaches is a convenient way to coach a client on various lifestyle aspects. Involve for example a physiotherapist, dietitian and motivational coach to provide a full multidisciplinary coaching experience to your clients. The coach dashboard is intended to make coaching from one client to large groups smooth and easy.

Account Management

Use the coach dashboard to add, remove, search for or edit settings of users or groups. (Re)assign client to groups and quickly see which client send you a message.

View your client’s dashboard

Coaches have online access to their client’s activity dashboards. This way you can check how active your clients have been, what they did and if they are still on track to achieve their personal targets.

Online chat

Activ8 has a build in chat tool to help, motivate or instruct your clients. Ofcourse you can also get in touch with your clients over phone or skype. You can enter this contact information for each client so that you have all information in one place.

Remote diagnostics

From the coach dashboard you can remotely see if your client is running low on battery, when they synced their Activ8 tracker for the last time and other device and usage diagnostics to easily remotely support your customers. In case you can’t resolve the problem yourself the Activ8 team is there to help you.

Private notes

Keep track of your personal client notes within Activ8. This is especially handy when you are coaching clients with multiple coaches or with multiple disciplines.

Multidisciplinary coaching

When coaching people in a clinical of more professional setting often multiple disciplines and therapists are involved, each covering a certain lifestyle aspect. Physical activity coach, physiologist, dietitians, researcher and so on. Within Activ8 multiple coaches can simultaneously coach one client. This has benefits for both client and coaches making effective use of a complete virtual team of coaches.

Group Messages

A coach can send a message to a whole group at once. This is useful for group appointments, news or sharing other relevant information.

Group Statistics

As a coach you want to see how the total group is doing: is a certain movement program really showing improvements. How long do these improvements last? These group statistics often depend on the type of intervention study you are doing and the followed program, which possibly requires tailored reporting for stakeholders involved. Contact Activ8 to look together how this can be done.

Intra Group Challenges

Start a challenge for all the people in the group and see who achieves the goal first.
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