Physiotherapy & Remote coaching

Physiotherapy & remote coaching

E-health, clinical & lifestyle interventions

Online coaching of fitness & daily activity

The Activ8 platform makes it possible to easily and without technical knowledge coach from one individual up to a large number of people remotely. Work based on objective fact based movement and activity data and see from a distance what really goes on.

Changing people’s lifestyle

Changing people’s lifestyle is difficult. Everyone is unique, has their own lifestyle, agenda and motivation. The challenge as a personal coach is to find the trigger in each client that starts the change.  Activ8 can bring you into contact with a lifestyle coaches and professionals that already work with Activ8 so that you can learn the do and don’t quickly without reinventing the wheel.

Trigger that lifestyle change

Showing users their own activity levels can be a real eye-opener and can trigger intrinsic motivation, which is the best trigger to make lifestyle changes towards a more healthy, more active live. Next to that it makes it fun to move more while you see direct results of the changes you make. Activ8 provides all the tools to enable you to coach and motivate your clients in new, faster and more efficient ways.

Effective movement programs

Research shows that people lose interest after 2-3 months when they get an activity tracker without any form of coaching or lifestyle support. The best improvements in people’s physical activity levels and overall fitness levels are also seen when using activity trackers in combination with a human coach supported by a proven and effective movement program that is fun and inspiring for people also over longer periods of time.

Quality coach of more people in less time

With Activ8 you can follow remotely what your clients are doing based on factual, objective information and directly intervene, or help when needed. This enables direct and fast interaction with your clients all from behind your own desk. This saves travel time and allows you to coach more people in less time.

Quick & deep insights in clients and groups

Activ8 is designed to get a quick and in-depth view on an individual client or complete group. Check activity & movement graphs, progress over time compared to the personal plan or set targets and easily add your private coaching notes.
Clients are Furthermore you can see which clients need attention most urgently and modify their personal plan if needed. Grouping clients allows multiple coaches, possibly with different backgrounds and expertise’s, to manage a client group more effectively.


Medical accuracy

Activ8 is based on over 25 years of medical research on automated activity and posture recognition and know how derived from VitaMove a medical certified multi-sensor posture and motion analysis solution, used by leading Dutch researchers in rehabilitation medicine & neurology.

Start with just one tracker

You can start to work with Activ8 already with one device. Familiarize yourself first with Activ8 before you start using it with clients. You include more clients step by step over time.

Designed for non-technicians

Activ8 is designed to be used by non-technical people. Easily manage user accounts and view user dashboards. You will be up and running in minutes, requiring no technical skills whatsoever.

Get in touch with Activ8

Find out how Activ8 can change, improve or enrich your way of coaching people towards a healthier lifestyle!

Activ8 provides a complete online coaching platform

Activ8 does not create movement programs or validate their effectiveness, but provides all the required tools to make remote online coaching smooth, fast and easy. Easily communicate with your clients via the coaching widget, monitor activity improvements over time or monitor eating pattern. Furthermore with Activ8 you can set specific SMART targets for walking, cycling or running.

How does online coaching work?

Provide trackers to the people you want to monitor or coach or ask them to buy an Activ8 tracker themselves. Create user accounts in the Activ8 system and people can start to wear Activ8. When a user frequently synchronizes its activity data you can follow from any computer how active they have been and what activities they did during the day. Synchronization can be done via a computer (Windows or Apple) or with one push or a button via the smartphone (Android or iPhone). In Android users do not even have to push any button as measurements are fully automatically synchronized to the cloud. When users are not able to synchronize themselves, you can also do it for them when you see your client, once every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

Missing functionality?

Every coaching organization or coaching intervention is different, together with the Activ8 team we can customize existing functionality or add new functions or applications. Contact Activ8 how this works. We prefer to be involved as early as possible to jointly think about the easiest and most cost-effective solution and when possible finding funding to cover the investments needed.


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Activ8 cloud services are subscription based. Besides the device costs there is a monthly fee per user for the organisation using the Activ8 system. These costs are used for maintenance and support.