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Activ8 building blocks to create your own product

The Activ8 platform consists of physical activity tracking hardware, smart algorithms and various software building blocks. These building blocks can easily be used as a starting point for your own products. Also full customisation of existing building blocks is possible. Benefit is that Activ8 hardware, algorithms and software are well tested by a large community of professional users, which lowers technical risks and reduces time to market and investments. Contact Activ8 to find out the possibilities.

Activ8 high-level architecture


OEM/ODM activity trackers

Activ8 can also be your partner for OEM or ODM developments. For ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) Activ8 starts with your companies requirements and develops, certifies and produces the product which is branded by your company, with ODM there is more flexibility when it comes to having exactly the functionality you want, but this comes with higher investment costs. With OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) the core of the product is specified by Activ8 and only the product design, manual and few other items can be customized. Benefit of OEM is that you can leverage an already existing, mature platform with validated signal processing and still have a unique product in the market with your own brand at minimal investment costs.

For Activ8 both OEM and ODM is possible as the flexible and skilled Activ8 team with backing of sensor product development organization 2M Engineering is able to quickly turn your ideas into a concrete and stable product re-using tested hardware, signal processing and software.

ODM or OEM developments are feasible for minimal order quantities of at least 1k pcs or full coverage of the required investment costs.

For OEM developments the complete look and feel of the product can be changed; being product design, sync tool, manual, product gift box packaging. For ODM developments also the hardware, signal processing or firmware can have additional requirements (wearing position, display, feedback). Changes to the app or client or coach dashboard without making any change to the actual product are of course also possible.


Develop new sensor devices

The development organization behind Activ8, 2M Engineering has extensive know how with almost all existing sensors and sensor principles. This enables Activ8 to quickly and accurate measure almost any physical phenomenon. This sensor technology is combined with state of the art and low power signal processing to turn and combine raw measurement data into meaningful information. This information can be used to log or trigger events using wireless connectivity (like Bluetooth, or WiFi), store measurements (FLASH, SD-card) or provide real-time visual, tactile or audio feedback. 2M also has extensive experience in creating back-end server solutions and realization of smartdevice apps (Android and iOS). Benefit of starting with the Activ8 platform is that it is based on solid proven and mature building blocks, which makes fast scaling to large volume solutions a low risk approach.



Activ8 Wristbands

For applications where accurate measurements of energy expenditure or activity recognition is not a necessity, also the wrist can be used to wear your Activ8. There are solutions for both the round sports version as well as for the standard Activ8. Just click the Activ8 tracker in your wrist strap and start wearing your tracker. These straps are made of skin compatible materials which have proven their use in the watch industry. If a smaller,flatten tracker is needed or with additional features or different product design Activ8 can help you to realize this fast, with the lowest possible investment costs in industry.


API – Application Programming Interface

Activ8 activity monitoring can easily be integrated within a new or existing online platform or app. Activ8 will do everything to help and support you to get going as soon as possible. The Activ8 API is well documented and you should be able to add activity data to your platform in a short time. It is possible to get access to the Activ8 data at various places within the total chain. What the best solution is depends on your technical capabilities and available resources. Contact Activ8 for more information and API description.

Activ8 Data Format

Activity recognition and energy calculations are done within the Activ8 tracker. All measurement data is stored in an easy to read CSV file. Also set-up of the recorder is fully file based, which makes it easy to create your own software tools and visualizations on top.

Activ8 Synchronization

Activ8 Bluetooth Smart enabled trackers use a well documented protocol how to communicate with an Android or iOS smartphone including all error handling. Contact us if you are interested to create your own activity app and would like to use Activ8’s rich data.

Activ8 Server API

Activ8’s API is split in a GET and POST API section. When we know what you want we provide you with the Activ8 API. This explains in detail how to communicate with the Activ8 server. Extensions, modifications or improvements of the current API are always possible as our platform is continuously improved and expanded.

Build new applications with Activ8

The information shown on Activ8’s dashboard is scientific and graph based as this has been Activ8’s basis. Activ8’s underlying information can be represented in every shape or form thinkable. One strong and understandable indicator can be the trigger for lasting lifestyle change.

The Activ8 platform can easily be extended to meet your company’s requirements. Extensions can be platform extensions or exclusively developed for your company. Extensions can be added under the Activ8 brand or completely white label for your organization. Possible ideas can be in the direction of further integrating activity with food, dedicated solutions for specific user groups like children, elderly or chronic patients or new applications that build awareness about people’s sedentary lifestyle and break existing patterns. Besides showing information which builds people’s awareness an interesting development is look for formats that keep people engaged for longer periods of time, in the form of human coaching (extrinsic motivation?), virtual coaching (intrinsic motivation?) or serious games based on fun and multi-level community aspects.

Contact us when you are interested to add Activ8’s reliable energy expenditure or validated activity recognition to your platform, modify or extend current functions or client visualizations for the browser or app dashboard. Technically almost everything is possible!

Activ8 Beweegspel Erasmus Medical Centre

Movement game using Activ8 trackers, Activ8 cloud server and API.
The movement game is developed by a game development & design company.
Goal is that 2 teams of overweight clients go on a virtual journey around the world,
helping each other within the group ‘competing’ against another group.