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At Activ8 we believe that by working together necessary  changes in healthcare can be realized far easier compared to everyone working and protecting their domain. Changes in healthcare are complex and require time. We believe the way to realize these changes is by working together from research, clinical interventions and practical effectiveness to education and business, sharing knowledge so that envisioned solutions and applications can reach the patient in a scale able way.

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If you want to share your Activ8 experiences feel free to contact us. If you want to validate or use Activ8 for a new application contact us so we can help you ourselves with the Activ8 team or bring you into contact with research groups with a lot of experience in validation projects.

Evaluation & treatment of CVA patients

Monitoring of CVA patients during evalulation and treatment

The Hague university of applied sciences

Polyclinical & clinical rehabilitation of patient

Provide both patients and care providers insight in their physical activity levels.

Sophia Rehabilitation

Objective insight in daily activities of CVA patients

Cohort study about daily activityiesof CVA patients

Radboud University Medical Centre & TU Delft

Physical activity levels of wheelchair bound kids

Intervention study about the effect of wheelchair skills and fitness training for kids on the daily physical activity.

Utrecht university of applied sciences

Effects of Fitkids on physical activity levels

Effectiveness study of Fitkids fitness program on the physical activity level of kids with a chronic disease or disability.

Stichting Fitkids & Utrecht university of applied sciences

Stimulate movement during clinical hospitalization

Stimulate patients during clinical hospitalization to become physically more active.

Leiden University Medical Centre

Activity before & after total hip & knee operation

Objective registration of patients before and after total hip and knee operation in hospital and home environment.

Leiden University Medical Centre

PROFITS longitudinal activity measurements

Longitudinal activity measurements & validation in a cohort of the PROFITS study about precision profiling to improve long-term outcome after stroke.

VU Medical Centre, Amsterdam

Livinglab Activ8 monitoring & coaching elderly

Study about the usefulness and effectiveness of activity monitoring & coaching for elderly.

Fontys Sports university of applied science

Intervention study active after knee prosthesis

Effectiveness of multidisciplinary and personalized rehabilitation after knee prosthesis in comparison to standard rehabilitation.

Amphia hospital, Breda

Game to reduce weight in a fun & healthy way with Activ8

Game targeted at overweight people to loose weight in a fun and healthy way using Activ8 activity tracker and API.

Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam ARBO

Validation study for CVA patients

Validation study for objective measurement of movement behavior in CVA patients.

Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam

Added value of activity monitoring after stroke

Study added value of activity monitoring for patients after a stroke.

Rijndam Rehabilitation, Rotterdam

Implementation of activity registration in rehabilitation medicine

Determine and implement the use of feedback of objective registration of movement behavior within rehabilitation centre Rijndam.

Rijndam Rehabilitation, Rotterdam


Movement behavior and fitness in chronic conditions.

Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam