Medical Research & Clinical Studies

Medical Research & Clinical Studies

Body postures, movements & energy expenditure

Activ8 measures body postures, movements & energy expenditure. Activ8’s original intended use can be summarized as follows:

  • Easy to use & affordable physical activity monitor
  • Accurate and reliable estimations of energy expenditure
  • Use for large scale research purposes and the end users
  • Recognizes different postures and types of physical activity (lying, sitting, standing, walking, running and cycling)
  • Online coaching module that allows the use of the Activ8 as a means for interventions

Validity of Activ8

Activ8 trackers recognizes people’s different posture and types of physical activity on a second by second basis. Both the energy expenditure and activity recognition have been validated by leading medical research institutes in the field. This validation has been done for healthy adults and is now extended towards kids, elderly and certain health problems like COPD and CVA.
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Joint research

At Activ8 we believe in working together based on lasting partnerships to realize innovative new applications.

Open platform

All Activ8 building blocks are open, transparent and easy to understand and interface with.

Support to succeed

Activ8 provides, fast, personal and adequate support ensuring your research does not get disturbed in any way.

Algorithm development

Quickly go from idea to product or new algorithm or feedback function? Activ8 supports research groups to realize & validate new algorithm development.

Continous improvement

Activ8 innovates by everyday making our solutions a little bit better based on your feedback and suggestions.

Create new applications

We are open to collaborate on new innovations for challenges faced today. Wide experience in creating multi-sensor products.

Sleep & sedentary lifestyle monitoring

Activ8 Professional can also be used as a sleep monitor to objectify sleeping time, nightly activity and so on. Select before the recording the chest wearing position from the Activ8 research tool and instead of the normal Activ8 activities six sleep classes are automatically detected. Sleep & sedentary lifestyle monitoring is currently being validated with Leiden University Medical Centre and Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam.

Six sleep classes

  1. Non-wear
  2. Lying on the side – left & right side
  3. Lying supine – back
  4. Lying prone – front or chest
  5. Sedentary behavior – sitting and standing with low intensity
  6. High intensity activities like walking, cycling, and running

Combine multiple Activ8’s to obtain extreme insight

When using a chest and upper leg Activ8 tracker simultaneously you get even more insight in what happened 24 hours a day. Inform about the possibilities.

Wearing Activ8

Activ8’s normal wearing position is on the upper leg, close to the trunk as it is known that accurate energy measurements require a body position directly linked to the trunk.
For normal daily use we recommend to wear Activ8 in the pocket, however accuracy & repeatability are directly linked to variations in pocket type, depth and width. Therefore for research a more fixed position is recommended. This can be the Activ8 legstrap or taped to the upper leg, user waterproof tape as is often done in research studies.
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Activ8 Legstrap - Front

Activ8 research tools

Raw measurements & advanced features

Normally Activ8 stores all measurement data in the cloud. Which is ideal for remote interventions, e-health and online coaching. From the Activ8 cloud you can always view and download the raw client measurement, however this is not always what you want. With Activ8 research tools you can easily start and stop a measurement, also when there is no internet available and store all measurement results on your local computer. The data format is in easy to read CSV text format which can easily be processed with Excel or Matlab. The normal interval Activ8 stores its second by second activity classification and intensity information is in blocks of 5 minutes. With the Activ8 research tool this can be shortened to 1 minute of even 5 seconds to also capture smaller and faster transitions (sit to stand, short walks etc). There is even the capability to store for periods of 30-45 minutes raw measurement data (XYZ accelerations) for validation studies. Activ8 research tools are currently only available for MS Windows.

Basic graphs and reports

Although the Activ8 research tool is intended to setup, start, stop and download a measurement a basic summary and overview over the last measurement can be shown. This gives a quick overview over the measurement and do a first check about validity of the measurement.

Quick start guide

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