Activ8 LegStrap


When you have no pockets to put your Activ8 in you can use the Activ8 Legstrap. This is especially useful when you wear a dress or during sports. The legstrap ensures that your Activ8 stays nicely positioned on your leg, guaranteeing quality recordings. The legstrap is designed that is comfortable to wear also over longer periods of time. It is made of skin friendly materials for use over long periods.

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When you are wearing skirts or sports wear and you don’t have pockets it can be more convenient to use the Activ8 legstrap. The placement of the Activ8 should be identical to how you would wear the device in your pocket, so from the front of your upper leg to about 45 degrees to the side.

Technical Specifications

  • One Size Fits All : yes
  • Material : stretch with anti-slide prevention