Personal Client Dashboard

Personal Client Dashboard

Get active, Get healthy

Become aware of your daily physical activities and start to increase your fitness and health step by step. It has been proven that a more active lifestyle leads to a better health. Activ8 Physical Activity Monitors provide useful and detailed feedback on your physical activities.

Burn calories

Track your energy consumption with great accuracy. Accuracy is important as a slight inbalance in energy intake expenditure leads over time to weight problems. Activ8 has been validated by leading medical research institutes.

Graphs & Personal goals

Activ8 Physical Activity Monitors automatically classify your activities. See when and how long you were sitting, walking, cycling or running and make a personal plan with concrete targets to change your lifestyle.

Your personal activity dashboard

Each client has their own personal dashboard that provides fundamental insight into someone’s daily activities. Track you activity levels, energy burned, sleep time and get detailed insight in activities you did during the day. Detailed graphs provide overview over longer periods of time and valuable, detailed insights about specific movements. This objective information increases your awareness about your own physical (in)activity. Create a personal plan with concrete and personal goals on energy expenditure, walking, cyling or running time or distance.

Insight into your daily activities

Your dashboard contains information regarding your daily and weekly activity scores, ranking and personal plan. Instead of just providing plain activity level graphs, you can instantly see if you are leading an active or more sedentary lifestyle. You can explore and get clear insight into your daily activities and where it’s easiest to improve your routine, so you can work towards a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Plan and monitor your progress

Create a personal plan with daily kcal targets that fit your daily routine. When you achieve your daily target every day with ease you or your coach can increase your targets and step by step work towards a more active daily routine. Interested to see more detail? Just press the show summary button and you get a detailed overview over the last weeks.

Create calorie, time & distance targets

Besides a kcal target you can also set a target for certain activities like walking, cycling or running. Your target is to walk for at least 20 minutes each day. Your Activ8 measures on a second by second basis if you have reached your target already. Besides time you can also set a target on a certain distance your want to achieve each day: cycle at least 15km per day. It is up to you.

Activity & energy graphs

Detailed overview on the past year, month(s), day or hour? No problem with Activ8. Besides the energy consumption in kcal you can also see what you were doing. When and till what time were you sleeping, what part of the day have you been sitting, walking, cycling, running? Activ8 gives a detailed view on your activities and movements.

Manually add activities

Did you forget to wear Activ8? No problem you can later always add activities manually. Just press the Manual Activity button and you can select if you forgot to wear your device or if you did a special activity.

Track also vital signs

You can change the display if you also want to always see your weight or blood pressure. Just press the Graph button to add a graph. By pressing the Measurement button you can manually add these measurements: has your weight gone down, enter it.

Fit norm &
movement norm

Both norms are frequently used in the Netherlands. Movement norm – do a workout of moderate intensity (> 2.5 MET) for 30 min. at least 5 days per week. Fit norm – excersize at high intensity (> 4.0 MET) for 20 min. at least 3 days per week.

Track your eating habits

With Activ8 you can also track what you eat and drink. This can be handy when you try to loose weight. Activ8 intentionally made entering food and drinks as simple as possible to get a good high-level view over a longer period of time and not become totally calorie obsessed.

Activ8 Mobile App


The Activ8 Mobile App works on most smartphones that are certified for Bluetooth Smart also called Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy.


Apple support starts from iPhone 4S phones and iPAD 3rd generation with at least iOS7.


Android support starts at 4.4 (API level 19).


Track All-Day Activity

See stats like calories burned when you use the app with an Activ tracker.

See Progress

View progress and analyze your trends with easy-to-read charts and graphs.

Set Goals

Stay focused by setting calorie, sitting, walking, cycling and running goals.

Total Sit, Walk, Cycle & Run Time

Check the total minutes a day that you sit, walk, cycle or run during the day.

Your Activities Along The Day

See when you were sitting, walking, standing, cycling, running, lying during the day.

Sleep Tracking

Get an objective feel if you are sleeping enough.

Connect With Friends

Compete with friends on the leaderboard.

Get Coaching

Ask your coach for advice, help or motivation. Coaching is a premium service.

Sync Wirelessly

Wirelessly sync stats across your phone and Activ8 tracker to access your progress at any time during the day.

Activ8 Activity Timeline