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Fontys Sporthogeschool (FSH)

FSH offers Bachelor – and Master programmes in which students learn to stimulate responsible moving in different settings. Within FSH, the lectureship Move to Be provides the necessary impulses, by means of research, to create smart solutions for responsible and sustainable exercising and moving, and to tailor this to persons, their environment and the setting in which they are in. From the child who gets inspired by education in movements to the elderly person who discovers the joy of sports and movement (again). The expertise of the lectureship focuses mainly on the development, stimulation and guidance of effective movement interventions and vitality programmes, and the monitoring of physical activity and sedentary behavior.
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2M Engineering

2M Engineering works with leading industrial, medical and research partners to create high-tech (sensor) products. 2M develops and manufactures products based on customer requirements, or translates fundamental research results in producible products. 2M’s focus areas: Sensors, Industrial Sensor Systems & Medical Devices. 2M Engineering has in house expertise in electronics, software, physics, mechanics, design, biochemistry, photonics and custom sensor development. Intensive cooperation with our multidisciplinary teams and our clients leads to development of innovative solutions, enabling our clients to quickly and reliably translating ideas into innovative products. Our services range from fast prototyping to outsourcing of your complete product development.
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Brainport Development

Brainport Development is a development company, working with representatives from industry, knowledge institutions and government to strengthen the Brainport top technology region. Brainport is an important cornerstone of the Dutch economy in which High Tech Systems & Materials, Food, Automotive, Lifetec and Design are the focal sectors. Brainport Development encourages and develops regional and (inter)national projects and programmes, promotes Brainport at home and abroad, and facilitates regional industry through business advice and funding, incubation facilities, business premises and business centres.
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