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The Activ8 is the main focus of this Living Lab. This sensor monitors the amount of physical activity and recognizes types of activities (lying, sitting, standing, walking, running and cycling). Besides, the Activ8 captures the daily energy consumption in detail. A personal online dashboard offers remote coaching or self-coaching by setting short-term and long-term goals. Life style coaches can provide coaching tailored to personal needs and are thus able to directly fight inactivity. This total package of the Activ8 offers potentially an approach to fight the lack of movement.

Hence, the unique feature of the Activ8 monitor is that not only the amount of activities, but also the type of activity is recognized (lying, sitting, standing, walking, running and cycling) which allows for targeted coaching. Whether this is effectively possible with solely online coaching, or that it requires the involvement of a lifestyle coach is not known at the moment. This knowledge is however essential for the creation of a business model, and for a more effective effort focused on the prevention of disorders related to the lack of movement. 2M Engineering, Fontys Sporthogeschool and Brainport Development have joined forces to perform a first effectiveness- and user analysis of elderly people using the Activ8.

Apart from performing an effectiveness- and user analysis to determine movement, also the Activ8 needs to define the energy consumption. A first validation in a Living Lab setting has been executed by Fontys Sporthogeschool and shows the Activ8 is able to estimate the energy consumption in a correct way. The central question in this Living Lab is if the Activ8 is able to estimate the energy consumption and movement correctly in the daily lives of elderly people. Amongst others, the user friendliness of the Activ8 and the added value of the coaching module will be tested.

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