Living Lab Activ8 – Results

The results of the pre-tests with the Activ8 are already available. In these pre-tests (i) the accuracy of the Activ8 with respect to measuring energy consumption and distinguishing activities, (ii) the usability of the monitor, and (iii) the added value of the monitor to the consumer, professional and researcher, were investigated.

The conclusion was that affordable and especially reliable activity trackers can be of great added value. This applies to both the consumer market and professionals who can use it as a monitoring- and coaching tool for their clients. Researchers, who want to set up measurements and interventions at a large scale, benefit from activity trackers that are user-friendly and contain a relatively high reliability and validity in mapping sedentary and physical behaviour. The Activ8 is thus a promising activity tracker that combines affordability with user-friendliness.

Additional information on the results of the pre-tests can be found here:

– Report on the validation of the Activ8

– Poster on the validation of the Activ8


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