Living Lab Activ8

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Living Lab Activ8


Living Lab Activ8

The Activ8 is the main focus of this Living Lab. This sensor monitors the amount of physical activity and recognizes types of activities (lying, sitting, standing, walking, running and cycling). Besides, the Activ8 captures the daily energy consumption in detail. A personal online dashboard offers remote coaching or self-coaching by setting short-term and long-term goals. Life style coaches can provide coaching tailored to personal needs and are thus able to directly fight inactivity. This total package of the Activ8 potentially offers an approach to fight the lack of movement.
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The mission of this Living Lab is to prevent the lack of movement of elderly people by means of the Activ8. By using the Activ8, elderly people will be more stimulated to move. Consequently, disorders related to sedentary behavior can be prevented.



Goals and test stages

In this Living Lab the following research question will be answered:

1. What is the accuracy of the Activ8 with respect to the estimation of energy consumption and determination of activities in the daily lives of elderly people?

2. What are the experiences of different user groups with respect to the Activ8, with a special attention for elderly people?

3. What is the added value of the deployment of a life style coach rather than solely an activity sensor with online coaching for different target groups, and in particular for elderly people?

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Project partners

Fontys Sporthogeschool, 2M Engineering and Brainport Development are jointly responsible for the execution of the project Living Lab Activ8. Read more about the different project partners.


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Curious to know what is happening in the project at the moment? Or want to know more on the developments of the Activ8? We regularly post short news items here!

News #4 (Dutch): Blog ´Samen in beweging

Door Steven Vos (Lector Move to Be - Fontys Sporthogescholen) - De staart van de winter deed al het beste vermoeden, maar vanaf 21 maart krijgen de energie en de bewegingsdrang die we voelen officieel het label ‘lente’. Tevens krijgt de eerste lenteweek het etiket ‘Nationale Week van Zorg en Welzijn’. En laat zorg en welzijn, net als sport en bewegen, sectoren zijn die in beweging zijn en net als de lente heel wat energie en dynamiek uitstralen.

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Results so far

The project has officially started on July 1, 2014. The kick-off with the project team and the pre-tests with the Activ8 prior to the first pilot with elderly people in research question 1 have just been executed. Click here for the results so far.


The planning of the project will be announced here as soon as possible.


Project details

Start of project: July 1, 2014
End of project: July 1, 2015
Duration: 12 months

This project has been made possible by a financial contribution of the municipality of Eindhoven.


Contact details

Do you have any comments/enquiries/suggestions? Please contact the project partners via the following email address: We are happy to hear from you!

Twitter: @LivingLabActiv8

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