Sitting is killing you! Activ8 monitors sitting behavior

Physical Activity Is Important For Health. But Sitting Is Killing You! Activ8 Monitors Sitting Behavior. We all know that physical activity is important for health. But did you know that sitting is killing you? The data is solid; prolonged sitting is unhealthy and it doesn’t matter whether that stillness is in front of a television or a … Read more

Exercise may be as good as drugs for treating some diseases

Exercise may be as good as drugs for treating some diseases By Lesley Dobson , Wednesday 2 October 2013, source: SAGA Could a brisk walk in the park one day take the place of a prescription drug? Only around one third of adults reach recommended levels of activity Exercise is good for us – it’s well documented, … Read more

Key benefits Activ8 compared to conventional physical activity monitors

Over the last months Activ8 has piqued the interest of various weight consultants, dieticians, physiotherapists and life style coaches. Having a physical activity monitor that easily and accurately tracks the amount of calories their clients have spent helps them to give their clients the correct advices on changing their lifestyle. The first aspect of Activ8 … Read more

Hoe realizeer je permanente gedragsverandering om meer actief te worden, gewicht te verliezen of gezonder te gaan leven?

Gedragsverandering Strategieën Een aantal verschillende modellen en theorieën uit de psychologie geven inzicht wat er voor nodig is permanente gedragsverandering te realiseren. Vanuit deze inzichten kunnen methoden en strategieën worden afgeleid die gebruikt kunnen worden in een product service systeem. Het doel van dit systeem is om permanente gedragsverandering van zijn deelnemers of cliënten te … Read more

Tips for a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle helps to feel better. But what does a healthy lifestyle mean, what can you do about it yourself and what does it bring? Here you find a few tips for a healthy lifestyle. Tip 1: Get moving We all sit too often and too long without any interruptions. For most people the … Read more

Overview of the most accurate activity monitor devices

Almost every day there appears a new activity monitor on the market, of which most are aimed at end users that are interested to obtain insight in their movement patterns. Often these people are already active and health conscious and have a strong need to share their results with peers. With these new activity monitors … Read more