Sitting is killing you! Activ8 monitors sitting behavior

Physical Activity Is Important For Health. But Sitting Is Killing You! Activ8 Monitors Sitting Behavior. We all know that physical activity is important for health. But did you know that sitting is killing you? The data is solid; prolonged sitting is unhealthy and it doesn’t matter whether that stillness is in front of a television or a desk, at home or work, at the table or a drive through, or in a car or airplane. The longer you sit in a day the higher your risk of premature death no matter your workout routine. Sitting, it would seem, is an independent pathology. Being sedentary for nine hours a day at the office is bad for your health whether you go home and watch television afterward or hit the gym. Excessive sitting is a lethal activity. This may seem like a shocking statement, however recent research studies have linked sitting for long periods of time with a number … Read More

Exercise may be as good as drugs for treating some diseases

Exercise may be as good as drugs for treating some diseases By Lesley Dobson , Wednesday 2 October 2013, source: SAGA Could a brisk walk in the park one day take the place of a prescription drug? Only around one third of adults reach recommended levels of activity Exercise is good for us – it’s well documented, and a message that is sent out loud and clear by health experts, websites, newspapers and magazines. Now new research has found that exercise is potentially as effective as drugs in dealing with some common diseases. It’s news worth heeding, especially for the vast majority of people in the UK who don’t do enough exercise. Only 14 percent of UK adults exercise regularly, and in England only around one third of adults (aged 19 – 64) reach recommended levels of activity. These are to do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity spread over five … Read More

Super easy tracking of your food pattern using the Activ8 food diary


Till today Activ8 was completely focused at accurately mapping your movement patterns. Frequently we were asked if it was not possible to also replace the normal paper food diary so that people can log what they eat in the same system, but only if it is easy to do. By tracking movement / activity and your food pattern you can start to see how they are coupled and work together. Today the first pilot starts using the new Activ8 food diary functionality. We carefully reviewed what is already available today. Many sites offer the possibility to precisely track what you have been eating during the day. It is quite easy to track your food this way, however we noticed and also received feedback that already after a few days a lot of people drop out as many find it annoying and too time consuming to fill in such a diary. … Read More

Key benefits Activ8 compared to conventional physical activity monitors

Over the last months Activ8 has piqued the interest of various weight consultants, dieticians, physiotherapists and life style coaches. Having a physical activity monitor that easily and accurately tracks the amount of calories their clients have spent helps them to give their clients the correct advices on changing their lifestyle. The first aspect of Activ8 that grabbed their attention was the capability to recognize the type of activities during the users normal daily routines. The Activ8 physical activity monitor detects the type of activity you have been doing and charts whether you were sitting, lying, standing, walking, cycling or running. Not only does this provide an accurate and very useful impression of their clients lifestyle and thus on potential improvements in their lifestyle, it also gives the users practical information about their daily activities that they can easily relate to. Since the user gets a clear and easily understandable overview … Read More

Hoe realizeer je permanente gedragsverandering om meer actief te worden, gewicht te verliezen of gezonder te gaan leven?

Gedragsverandering Strategieën Een aantal verschillende modellen en theorieën uit de psychologie geven inzicht wat er voor nodig is permanente gedragsverandering te realiseren. Vanuit deze inzichten kunnen methoden en strategieën worden afgeleid die gebruikt kunnen worden in een product service systeem. Het doel van dit systeem is om permanente gedragsverandering van zijn deelnemers of cliënten te realiseren: van inactief naar actief, blijvend gewicht verliezen of gezonder gaan leven. Verhoog Bewustzijn Het Transtheoretische Model suggereert dat met name tijdens een vroegtijdig stadium in het gedragsverandering programma het belangrijk is om de keuze balans te beïnvloeden. Fogg´s gedragsmodel noemt dit het verhogen van de motivatie om het gewenste gedrag te bereiken. Dit wordt gedaan door het verhogen van het bewustzijn door informatie, educatie en persoonlijke feedback. Het Health Believe Model suggereert iets soortgelijks om mensen te informeren en educatie aan te bieden om mensen meer open te krijgen voor verandering en de noodzaak … Read More

Tips for a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle helps to feel better. But what does a healthy lifestyle mean, what can you do about it yourself and what does it bring? Here you find a few tips for a healthy lifestyle. Tip 1: Get moving We all sit too often and too long without any interruptions. For most people the biggest health gain can be achieved by becoming more active. Think for example of the Dutch Norm Healthy Movement that advices to be active each day for at least 30 minutes with moderate intensity. Normal activities like walking, cycling, gardening or housekeeping do already do the job. Activities that can easily be fitted in your daily routine. Moderate intensity is when you feel your heart rate increases and your breathing rate accelerates a little. Besides the Norm Healthy Movement there is also the FitNorm: being 3 times a week active with high intensity activities like … Read More

Overview of the most accurate activity monitor devices

Almost every day there appears a new activity monitor on the market, of which most are aimed at end users that are interested to obtain insight in their movement patterns. Often these people are already active and health conscious and have a strong need to share their results with peers. With these new activity monitors the design aspect is often presented as the most important features. Of course it’s good that an activity monitor looks good and is seen as hip and trendy, but personally I am of the belief that having an accurate activity monitor is of THE most important criterion to be of long-term value for both end users as care providers. Many of the consumer oriented activity monitors seem not to take accuracy too much into account, which was confirmed by our experiments we conducted ourselves. We compared the kcal results of a number of activity monitors … Read More