Move On Project Started

In March 2015 the ‘Move On’ project started. During this project, people who sustained a stroke will be trained in their balance capacities. Currently, for people in the chronic phase (more than 6 months) after stroke only a few training options are available in daily clinical practice. These chronic stroke survivors, however, very often experience balance and gait deficits. These deficits are the most important risk factor for falls and fall-related injuries in this population. We aim at developing several types of training for people in the chronic phase after stroke. Currently, balance training yields different pattern of results between individuals. Therefore we aim to gain more insight in causes of balance deficits such that treatments can be adjusted to individual needs of the patient. So far, measuring balance quality very accurately is restricted to laboratories. This project aims at enabling these types of training and research in daily clinical … Read More

Sedentary lifestyle & sleep monitoring with Activ8

Activity recognition for sedentary lifestyle & sleep monitoring with Activ8 Professional Activ8 professional can also be used for sedentary lifestyle & sleep monitoring. When selecting instead of the pocket position the chest position classification is done in different posture and motion classes compared to the normal Activ8 posture & movement categories when used in the pocket (non-wear, sitting, standing, walking, cycling and running). Sedentary lifestyle & sleep monitoring classes When selecting the chest position for Activ8 professional all client movements are classified in one of the following categories: Non-wear Lying Side (Left & Right) Lying Back Lying Chest Sedentary behaviour (sitting / standing) – Low intensity High intensity (walking, cycling, running) This gives on a second by second basis detailed information about the body position of clients or patients. Next to the classification in one of the 6 categories the output contains also the movement intensity, which can be used in … Read More

Download raw measurements from the Activ8 Cloud

Explanation how to download raw measurements from the Activ8 Cloud For research or detailed study it is possible to download raw measurements from the Activ8 cloud. Here it is explained how to do this. Raw data is available in blocks of 5 minutes which provide on a second by second basis information on the type of activity and the intensity level of a client, user or patient. The output is available in blocks on 5 minutes and looks when opened in Microsoft Excel as follows:   The information you have is on a second by second basis what activity people where doing and what the intesity level (in MET * 100) were doing. This can be downloaded when you are logged in as a coach (this feature is not available for users / patients). Then select the week you are interested in: Select show summary Press the download raw data (.xls) The download … Read More

Sedentair gedrag voorspeller cardiovasculaire aandoening – RISE

Sedentair gedrag voorspeller cardiovasculaire aandoening Doel van het onderzoek? Onafhankelijk van fysieke activiteit blijkt sedentair gedrag (zitgedrag) een voorspeller te zijn voor het krijgen van een cardiovasculaire aandoening. Mensen na een beroerte vertonen mogelijk door de gevolgen hiervan hoge mate van sedentair gedrag. Om deze mensen te kunnen coachen op het voorkomen van sedentair gedrag moeten we eerst weten hoe het beweeggedrag (fysieke activiteit en sedentair gedrag samen) van mensen na een eerste beroerte in de eerste zes weken na ontslag uit het ziekenhuis of revalidatiecentrum naar de thuissituatie eruitziet. Daarnaast willen we kunnen voorspelen welke mensen zitgedrag gaan vertonen. De laatste vraag die beantwoord zal worden is of hoge mate van zitgedrag associeert met achteruitgang, een tweede beroerte, een andere cardiovasculaire aandoening of overlijden. De aanpak van het onderzoek In totaal zullen 200 mensen na een beroerte geïncludeerd worden. Dit wordt gedaan vanuit vier ziekenhuizen: Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Veldhoven … Read More

Fit For the Future! Validation of an activity monitor for wheelchair bound children with a physical disability.

Background of the activity monitor for wheelchair bound children project Inactivity is a well-known risk factor for the development of health related problems in the general population as well as in children and adolescents with a physical disability. There is an association between low physical activity, higher risk of cardiovascular diseases and overall mortality. On the basis of reviews from HALYNed, fase 1 of Fit For the Future! and experts meetings, there is a need to objectify physical (in)activity to support interventions at physical activity level or lifestyle change, especially for ambulatory and wheelchair-bound children with a physical disability. On the moment, there is no instrument to objectively measure physical activity that is also applicable for this population in pediatric physical therapy practice. Therefore together with Activ8 we look to create an activity monitor for wheelchair bound children with a physical disability. Objective The aim of this study is to determine the validity of an … Read More

Activ8 app live in iTunes store

Since today the Activ8 App is live in the iTunes store. It works for both standard as well as Bluetooth Smart version of Activ8. Hereby the download link: Activ8 in the iTunes store

Activ8 awarded in Dutch SME Innovation Top 100

This year the Dutch chamber of commerce organizes the SME Innovation Top 100 in a new setting. The event is organized by the Chamber of Commerce, together with NRC Media and Mercedes-Benz.

Activ8 the engine behind the EMC movement game fighting obesity through gamification of e-health

Tessa Kouwenhoven, company doctor of Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, an organization with 13.000 employees has started a new e-health initiative to fight obesity amongst their employees. This presentation was given at the opening of the Centre for Healthy Weight in Rotterdam (starting at 9:10 in the YouTube video, in Dutch). In the movement game the Activ8 Physical Activity Tracker is used. Reasons for choosing Activ8 were it’s validated classification of movements (lying, sitting, standing, walking, cycling & running) in combination with its accuracy and price. Statistics show that about 10% of all employees in a typical organization are obese, in an organization like EMC Rotterdam this adds up to about 1300 people. The movement game attempts to make it fun to move more by merging self-obtained quantified data and gamification elements. It is especially important to keep people engaged over longer periods so that new, more active, behavior really … Read More

Activ8 wearable activity tracker allows easy monitoring of cycling

Activ8 wearable activity tracker allows easy monitoring of cycling The Activ8 wearable activity tracker allows easy monitoring of cycling. Cycling is widely regarded as a very effective and efficient mode of transportation optimal for short to moderate distances. Bicycles provide numerous benefits by comparison with motor vehicles, including the sustained physical exercise necessarily involved in cycling, that cycling involves a reduced consumption of fossil fuels, less air or noise pollution, much reduced traffic congestion, easier parking, greater maneuverability, and access to both roads and paths.  So a real durable, environmental friendly and healthy way of getting yourself from A to B. Activ8 registers second by second when during the day you were cycling and for how long. This goes fully unnoticed, by just wearing the Activ8 wearable activity tracker in your pocket. You can see for one person or a complete group how much they are cycling and if it … Read More