“Based on 25 years of solid physical activity & movement research”


Activ8 is based on over 25 years of physical activity & movement research by leading academic research institutes. The early groundwork was done by Hans Bussmann, associate professor at the department of Rehabilitation Medicine & Physical Therapy from Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Wim Martens. This work was used in a number of studies using VitaPort data loggers and later VitaMove. VitaMove is a medically certified time-synchronized multi-sensor solution that measures posture & motion in high resolution at multiple body segments simultaneously. In VitaMove the foundations were created for fully automatic signal processing and posture & activity recognition. VitaMove is for researchers and comes with a learning curve. The idea behind Activ8 is to combine research accuracy on activity recognition and energy expenditure with the ease and price of nowadays consumer solutions.