Medical physical activity monitors &
new rehabilitation solutions

Activ8 provides medical grade physical activity monitors and new wearable monitoring solutions for research, clinical use & rehabilitation.

Our technology team works closely together with medical researchers, therapists and patients to understand & enrich the application, translate it into a concept and create and test the first solutions with patients. When proven successful these prototypes can be turned into medical certified products.

Our focus is on wearable sensor products & smart algorithms but we take responsibility for the complete technical solution including cloud, web and apps.

We believe that a true cooperation between the medical field and technology is essential to realize lasting, value add solutions for patients and the overall healthcare system.

Solutions for activity, motion and sleep tracking

Raw Data Loggers

Preprocessed Data Loggers

Smart Products
(embedded algorithms & signal processing)

About Activ8

Activ8 is the provider of medical-grade wearable activity and sleep monitoring solutions for research, clinical studies, physiotherapy and industry. Built on 15 years of real-world experience, Activ8’s scientifically validated activity monitors and innovative software platform deliver easy to use solutions that provide high quality information and comprehensive analytics and insights into human behavior. Unique about Activ8 is that it automatically classifies your daily activities using smart algorithms in the device. See when and how long you were lying, sitting, standing, walking, cycling or running.



Activ8 is extensively used in research studies to get a detailed view on people and patients daily activities.


Activity, posture and motion monitoring for various applications. Home rehabilitation, faster hospital discharge. Fact based decision making.


Activ8 and derivative solutions are used in generic or patient specific intervention and fitness programs.


Activ8 or derivatives can be the eyes and ears for your new health solution. Easy to start. Easy to integrate.

Activ8 automatically classifies activities

Activ8 physical activity monitors classify typical daily activities using embedded smart algorithms. On a second by second basis Activ8 classifies non-wear, sitting, standing, walking, cycling or running. This information gives detailed insights in people's daily routines not found in most other activity trackers. You can see when and how long a person was did a certain activity during the day. This information can also be used to set personal movement targets.

Physical Activity Monitor - Automatic detect sleep
Physical Activity Monitor - Automatic detect sitting
Physical Activity Monitor - Automatic detect walking
Physical Activity Monitor - Automatic detect cycling
Physical Activity Monitor - Automatic detect running







Accurate & Validated technology

Activ8 trackers are used by medical professionals in medical research, clinical studies and education. Accuracy and validity of both Activ8's activity recognition and energy expenditure have been validated in various studies for healthy people, elderly people, kids and for certain (chronic) diseases.
Our energy expenditure measurements are among the most accurate available today as it uses the classified activities to improve the accuracy of the energy expenditure measurement. Resulting in a solution that competes with high-end medical grade activity monitoring and oxygen measurement equipment.