We provide wearable sensors and complete solutions for lifestyle monitoring, rehabilitation/training and sports. Our experience ranges from monitoring of activity/sleep & motion to a wide variety of other vital signs.

Lifestyle monitoring
Physical Activity Monitor


Besides standard wearables we also create new wearables. Our services include product development, certification and production. We actively work together with our OEM/ODM clients, hospitals and researchers to create the best possible solutions. Our primary focus is on the sensor hardware including design, embedded software and algorithm development, but we also offer complete solutions including web/app and Cloud.


Activ8 is a small wearable physical activity tracker. It’s unique in the sense that it automatically classifies the user’s activities during daily life. Activ8 provides therapists with insights in when and how long somebody was sitting, standing, walking, cycling or running. Activ8 is used by leading hospitals and research groups all over the world. Activ8 is available in 2 executions:

Activ8 Professional

Full control over all measurement data at all times. Simply start a recording and stop it when ready. Download. Done.

Activ8 Cloud

Remote coaching of users. Wireless sync using Bluetooth Low Energy. Web-based interface and possibilities for users to access graphs and data via a smartphone.

Recognize cycle activity
Cycling Activity
Recognize walk activity
Walking Activity
Recognize sit activity
Recognize running activity
Running Activity
Non-wear Activity
Non-Wear Activity

Automatic Activity Classification

Activ8 physical activity monitors classify typical daily activities using embedded smart algorithms. On a second by second basis Activ8 classifies non-wear, sitting, standing, walking, cycling or running. This information gives detailed insights in people’s daily routines not found in most other activity trackers. You can see when and how long a person was did a certain activity during the day. This information can also be used to set personal movement targets.

Accurate & Validated technology

Activ8 trackers are used by medical professionals in medical research, clinical studies and education. Accuracy and validity of both Activ8’s activity recognition and energy expenditure have been validated in various studies for healthy people, elderly people, kids and for certain (chronic) diseases.
Our energy expenditure measurements are among the most accurate available today as it uses the classified activities to improve the accuracy of the energy expenditure measurement. Resulting in a solution that competes with high-end medical grade activity monitoring and oxygen measurement equipment.